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Wire rope conveyor belt
Wire rope conveyor belt
Performance description:
General purpose steel cord conveyor belt skeleton material USES high strength steel wire rope, after cold pressing molding and core rubber and rubber, after vulcanization process.
Distributed occasion, cement, coal mine, quarry, power plants, steel mills.
Applied position:
Main application conveyor line, long distance transmission, roadway conveying, loading machine, inclined conveyor, other required delivery.
The tensile strength:
The width of the:
Product Details
Conveyor belt features and advantages:
First,using galvanized open wire rope
Choose the galvanized steel wire rope open mode, in order to meet various special needs.Wire rope with high flexibility and low elongation, also can get high coupling efficiency.Galvanized steel wire rope can be closely with core adhesive bonding, forming resistance to corrosion protective layer.

Second,High tenacity
Changqiao Tengfei steel cord conveyor belt can meet most customers application requirements, and continuously research and development of higher strength of conveyor belt, in order to meet the long distance transmission system.

Third,To reduce tension
Longbridge take-off steel cord conveyor belt under rated tensile elongation of 0.25%, in many applications can reduce the cost of tension system.This make the longbridge steel cord conveyor belt in the long haul or become the preferred low extension of conveying occasions.

Fourth,longer joint life
Proved by experiment in dynamic joint testing machine, longbridge take-off steel cord conveyor belt dynamic coupling efficiency of the load is more than 50% of the nominal strength, according to the DIN22131-3 part of the test method, joint can reach as long as the belt body use fixed number of year.

Fifth,high impact resistance performance
We cover and core closer bonding glue, can provide a good impact resistance and tear resistance.

Sixth,lower unit transportation cost
Less conveyor and joint, the shorter the conveyor belt tensioning stroke and to reduce inventory. These are large save the investment cost.Longer conveyer belt and the fixed number of year of the joint work, reduce downtime, reduces the unit transportation cost.

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First-class products, first-class enterprise, first-class service, first-class contribution.