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Polyester conveyor belt
Polyester conveyor belt
Performance description:
Force body skeleton for EP canvas (with polyester, longitudinal transverse for nylon).Light in the belt body, high modulus, high impact, use small elongation, good elasticity, into a trough, moisture proof, mothproof, etc.
Distribution situation, luggage transport, bulk transfer stations, cement, coal, foundry industry, grain, quarry, parcel delivery, wood, sand, steel mills.
Applied position:
Washing coal, wood processing, wood handle, and the main conveyor line, tunnel conveyor, primary crushing, secondary crushing line, ship unloader, garbage disposal and recycling, piled up with conveyor.
The tensile strength:
The width of the:
Product Details
Conveyor belt features and advantages:
First,low elongation
Skeleton material fabric design and soak glue method makes layered fabric core conveyor belt with smaller elastic and permanent elongation.Can reduce tension this trip, reduce the number of joint.Can also contact the longbridge takeoff to specific conveying system to calculate the permanent elongation and elastic.

Second,high modulus, high-cost performance
By the adoption of high tenacity polyester fiber, zonal using polyamide fiber, and can provide a conveyor belt of high modulus and excellent performance into a groove.

Thirt,there are so many choices, cover type and thickness can be
For different applications, longbridge take-off fabric core conveyor with a variety of rubber cover type and thickness are available.

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First-class products, first-class enterprise, first-class service, first-class contribution.