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  Shenyang Taifeng Rubber Belt Co. Ltd. established in 1984. Started from scratch, grew steadily and fast, we become one of the largest conveyor belt manufacturer in China.

  Our factory is located in Zhangjiatun Country,Economic Development Area , Xinmin, China. We have a 116 thousand square meters of factory area. It has more than 600 employees, which cover 70 technicians, and 16 of them own senior technician title. In the year of 2000, we passed ISO9000 standard. And, we also get the certification of GB/T24004-2004 Environment Management System and GB/T28001-2009 Occupational Safety and Health Management System in 2011. The company has the most advanced equipment, GK-270N rubber mixer,(Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group) 4-rolls S-type calendar,(Dalian Yixiangji) Builder and Roto-cute vulcanize machine,(Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery) 10M*2.6M press vulcanize machine, (Beihai Mechanical Equipment) Our steel cord belt, fire resistant belt, with 19 different type of products have get the certificate from Nation Mining Product Safety Center. Including U.S., U.K., Italy, Australia, our clients located in 15 different countries.

  TaiFeng is capable to produce 10 million m2 conveyor belt of various performances and intensity includingCommon, Heat-resistant, Cold-resistant, Flame-retardant and rubber sheet with for various industries, which features anti-electronic, anti-pollution, oil-resistant, acid-resistant and soda-resistant. Also produce industrial slab rubber and steel cord conveyor belt with many performance applications and standards.

  TaiFeng always focuses on manufacturing top-grade products, to provide the best quality & service. It has been honored as “Shenyang Quality Reliable Enterprise” several times during past 10 years.